Friday, March 14, 2014

on my mind...

Our to-do list keeps us busy, and I feel like we are constantly adding things to it that we forgot about. Here is a list that is occupying my mind a lot lately:

I took a bunch of the kids' stuff to consignment today and need to take quite a bit more. They take one load per week so they'll be seeing a lot of me over the next few months.

Our neighbors took down a bunch of trees and we jumped in on the deal and shared the cost of taking down two trees that hung over our living room. With the crazy winds and ice we've had lately, we are incredibly thankful to not have to worry about falling branches/trees anymore. 

Craigslist will soon have our downstairs couch and my refinished dry sink listed on it. The basement is slowly emptying out. All things we can completely live without, too.

I'll be gathering manuals and compiling a homeowner's notebook for the house when we leave. This one looks like something I could do easily.

Another notebook I need to organize/add-to is my India notebook. Doing this should help my stress levels stay down.

Disney World is in two weeks - I need to sit down a plan those details out! I have to take a day off next week for an appointment so hopefully I can get some of that completed then. It'll be much easier to do when the kids aren't around.

My parents are moving their business to a new location over the next few months. The new space is much larger and they've graciously offered to store/use a bunch of our furniture in their office. I'm not just talking our bookcases and dining room chairs, but also our artwork and some of the home decor that I really do love and can't see us selling or shipping overseas. Yippee!

So those are the thoughts that keep me up at night. And those are just the small things. The bigger items like retiling our bathroom are just too big for me to even think about right now. Anyone want to come do that job for us?

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  1. Love.reading your blog and see you and Evan at party next Saturday night at Isa's Bistro at 7:30. Still waiting to hear from a bunch at school about the party. I just got back from LA and Disneyland. Keep blogging-I admire your ambition in your house! AMAZING!


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