Monday, April 14, 2014

Departure Date!

Big news - we now have tentative flight plans! We got the email this morning and we are scheduled to leave the US on Sunday, July 20th. We'll stay in Germany for a week and will report to India on Monday, July 28th. 

Having a flight schedule has made me giddy. Really. I think that actually knowing *when* we'll leave is a huge commitment and makes this all so much more real. My parents are already scheduling their weekend at the airport with us (and I may have convinced my mom that it would be a great idea to fly with us to Germany...) and this gives Ev and I a deadline to pack and to have our going away party. By the way, I've put Evan in charge of that party. His job is to reserve a few nice pony kegs (or something like that), put on some good music, order some food, invite everyone we've ever met, and put the corn hole game in the front yard. It should be fun... please join us!

We aren't flying directly to Frankfurt, as we had hoped, but this will give our kids an opportunity to see southern Germany and to ride on the fast ICE train to meet their great grandparents (side note: Oakes will have met 5 of his great grandparents. Pretty awesome if you ask me; I never met any of mine.)

On some related notes...
Evan and Oakes took our first load of storage stuff to his parents' cabin this weekend. It's not a lot of stuff, but it's enough to make the house feel emptier. Weird. 

Also, my cousin has decided to stay in her home a bit longer which means our house is now up for rent for the masses. We have a few people who've already expressed interest so we'll pursue those, then we'll start contacting the rental agencies to write contracts, etc. 

I got a call today confirming our pre-move survey for next Monday. Wren's daycare is closed so I'm taking a day off with her and us gals will meet the movers and will also hopefully schedule a plumber visit that day. My parents are coming up that following weekend to help us freshen up our deck and once that's done, we should be ready to put the house up for rent!

Completely unrelated... I got a super cute diffuser necklace for my oils and wore it today. My allergies kicked into high gear this weekend and the lavender has been a SERIOUS help in controlling them (a natural antihistamine). So I wore the necklace today and every time my throat started to have that "allergy itch," I took a whiff of the lavender in my locket and was fine. I'm sold. Young Living for the win. I'm planning to make some clay diffusers for me and the kids and will post photos of them soon! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What? We are moving?

So, um... we are moving. To India. In 3 months.

Yup, the weight of it is all beginning to sink in now. This morning I had my physical exam in preparation for the move and I signed for delivery of our visa paperwork shortly after that. Evan and I have filled out all of our main HR paperwork and will send that in this week. It's like paperwork heaven in here right now.

I also got a call from the moving company today to set up our pre-move survey and this has sort of rocketed us into high gear as that will be happening very soon. We're hoping to have our home ready to ship by early June so that we only have to wait a month or two on its arrival in India. Side note... Ev and I have always moved ourselves (picture a friend's pick-up truck loaded with a pile of our junk) so you can imagine the shock when the company told me they would provide all supplies and would pack for us. Score! 

We are hoping to get our flight details this week as well. The plan is to give ourselves a layover in Germany but aside from knowing we are allowed to do that, we don't quite know much else about it - like how we need to make that happen. Having our flight info in our hands will be a major step in us getting that ball rolling. 

The best part of the week was a video conference call (via google hangouts) Monday morning in which all of the new-hires could throw questions at the school staff. I could only stay for half of it (we had to leave to go to school) but watched the rest of the archived tape today and found it VERY helpful in knowing a bit more about our lives there. Or really, even our first week there!

So yes, a very busy week for us - and it's only Wednesday. The honeymoon "Woo-hoo! We're planning to live in India!" period is over and now it's all business to make this move actually happen. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Disney World!

What an exciting few weeks it has been!

Our family took our first trip to Disney World this week. I've been quite a few times, but this was the first trip for Ev and the kids. We loaded into my parent's van and the six of us headed to Orlando last Saturday for a few days of magic. Wren enjoyed quite a bit of it, but it was Oakes' reactions that were truly priceless. I see the CASTLE! I do, Mommy! I'm SERIOUS! It's the REAL CASTLE! Thanks for making this happen, Mom and Dad!

In other news, we have been neck-deep in all things India. We found out we have an on-campus apartment (yippee!) and we received our new hire handbook. I've only read it twice so far and plan to dive back into it a few times more after tax season is over. We have a list of things to do this month including physicals, applying for our visas, scheduling a preliminary visit with the shipping company, and finalizing all of our HR paperwork. 

In our spare time, we're hoping to freshen up our back deck and have a plumber fix our shower drain before we retile the floor. I'll keep you all posted with photos and such...